Download DxO FilmPack Expert Full Version with Patch

Download DxO FilmPack Expert Full Version with Patch
Download DxO FilmPack Expert Full Version with Patch

/ > rediscover the magic of black and white photography into the world of film with silver halide advanced technologies of calibration of DxO Labs. DxO FilmPack faithfully reproduces many white cum These black films celebrated the Kodak ® Tri- X ® , Fuji ® Neopan ® , Polaroid ® , etc. .
/ > Depending on the type of record that you want, choose white film noir based on the contrast , grain, or serious shades . Up to 27 black white silver halide films are available to help you express your artistic sense or revisit the old familiar style
/ > Color film made ​​- . The poetry of color film applied to digital photos
DxO FilmPack allows your digitial pictures color , saturation , contrast, and grain of most slides Farm and negative color films.
/ > rediscover the Kodak Portra 160 smooth NC ® for portraits and events, The magic of Polaroid ® to mimic old vacation photos, and brilliant color and contrast of Fuji Velvia ® 50 for macro photography . Up to 39 analog color films are available to awaken the poet in you
/ > presets creators – A Touch of Madness creative for your stills
more than 60 films over traditional coatings, DxO FilmPack also offers a visor original creative renderings ! Enjoy 39 Designer color black and white presets included in the edition of experts ( 12 included in the Essential Edition ) . Effects vintage , old photos, and individual style improbable colors of India to your photos.
/ > With poetic rendering , apply warm tones and faded colors of the series wallpaper Olde U.S. . With your red, warm colors jump cum catch the evening light . . Choose Photo 1900 to capture the softness of sepia completed by the end grain
/ > Film Grain – The natural beauty of cereals films
Add your digital photos to renovate all the authenticity of the analog films. Add character to your images and discover a new dimension through numerous photographic effects cereals available DxO FilmPack .
/ > Using the tool denoising DxO FilmPack , tamp down the noise in your digital images and high sensitivity repositioning with the grain of authentic film. Give your body and photos of stains without harming their natural appearance and quality
/ > original effects – . Give your photos look
single – easily apply to a large number of effects to your images using filters Use the predominant age Sepia your cinematography
white black – color . many , simple one-click settings
– Tonic . . Apply black white conversion subtle color photos
leaks textures – Age your images with scratches, stains , and the effects of crumpled paper
– light . . light leakage Simulate Film cartridge
– FRAMES : Make your photos stand out with mats and border effects
movies – Creative : Revealing the Spirit of your digital images
– Creative vignetting blur reduce the depth of field to draw attention to your subject
/ > advanced settings – . Take Control
easily applied to a large number of effects to your images using many simple, one-click control parameters
black – white . Use the Channel Mixer to bring out the colors . Photos
– Color Controls : Use the function / Saturation / Luminance tint fun with colors
– Tone Curve : fluent in the tonal contrast and brightness of your executives
– . . Vibration . Apply intelligent saturation images
– Micro – Contrast : Increases the contrast
local – Cropping . . Adjust the size and composition of your final image
/ > plugin and standalone application – seamless integration with your workflow
DxO FilmPack can be used both as a standalone application and as a plug -in Adobe ® Photoshop ® , Adobe ® Photoshop ® Elements ® , Adobe ® Photoshop ® Lightroom ® , Apple ® Aperture, and DxO Optics Pro .
/ > standalone application , you can treat your TIFF and JPEG images in a few clicks. In plugin mode, you can keep your workflow while improving your Adobe or Apple solutions. ! In plugin mode for DxO Optics Pro , you can process your RAW images
/ > Ergonomic interface directly –
work comfortably handle all your images easily using the intuitive interface DxO FilmPack . Open your image and click the desired preset : the record is immediately applied . You can apply the conversion of your background black blank screen with a single click !
/ > Use the various display options to compare the original and corrected images. Show or hide the thought according to your preferences, and easily access settings and effects grouped in tabs in the advanced control panel .
/ > Other features
lot Treatment – . DxO FilmPack lets you use the same settings for treating large number of images in a few clicks , ensuring that your images will have to look homogeneous
/ > measure – / > printing. DxO FilmPack lets you wise interpretations that you created. Save your intensity , grain, and contrast settings and then apply them to other images in your library
/ > Preset Import / Export – . Use the Export feature to share your setting DxO FilmPack treatment with other users. Take the look created by another user by importing the preset in your library
/ > Requirements
/ . Microsoft ® Windows ® XP ( 32 – bit) , Windows Vista ® (32 – or 64 -bit) , Windows ® 7 (32 – or 64 -bit) , Windows ® 8 (32 – or 64 -bit) , Windows ®
8.1 Processor: Intel ® Pentium ® 4 or AMD equivalent (Pentium Dual Core or higher or equivalent recommended )
memory requirements (RAM): 2 GB (4 GB recommended ) required
of disk space : 400 MB available hard disk space
works as a plugin:
– DxO Optics Pro v8.5 or higher Adobe ® Photoshop ® CS3 / >
Elements 9 10 11
– Adobe Lightroom ® 3 , 4, 5
/ > Languages ​​: English, French , German, Japanese

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